Alcohol Delivery Near Me

May 3, 2024
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While there are already some apps out there that provide alcohol delivery of your favorite beverages, we’re going to share why Gopher is the only app you need! 

Let’s compare the aspects of a good delivery that matter to you the most: 

Transparent Pricing

Unlike other alcohol delivery apps, Gopher does NOT include a markup when requesting wine, liquor and/or beer. That’s because with Gopher you can have your alcohol picked up from anywhere you choose and for the same price as if you went into the store yourself. You include the price of your items along with your offer and the Gopher will make the purchase and delivery for you. 

Fastest Delivery Time Available

With Gopher, there’s only one driver per request, so orders are completed faster and more efficiently. You’ll love the quick and reliable service, especially since you don’t have to pay an extra fee to get it sooner than the “regular price.” Knowing Gophers by name is very common on the Gopher app. You can even add your Gopher as a “Favorite” and chose them specifically for next time. 

Bottomless Drinks

We know it stinks when attempting to get something, finding a delivery service, and finding out they don’t partner with a location that carries your favorite product. That’s where Gopher saves the day. If it’s sold in your town, we can get it… and for the price it’s sold for there, without mark-ups. 

Safe, Secure and Trustworthy

Most platforms have a background check for workers (ours is Gopher Pro) but none provide their workers with that same sense of trust… except Gopher. Workers on the platform can look for the Gopher TrustShield badge and know the person making the request has had their identity verified. Requestors are even incentivized with discounts for completing their TrustShield badge. 

Your Wish is Our Command

Gopher provides users total control of each request. Users set the price for whatever they need. They can also choose whether they want the first available Gopher of if they have a specific Gopher in mind. You can request something NOW or you can schedule it for a specific date/time (without impacting the cost) Not in a real rush, you can even make a flexible timing request. 

Transparent, Fair and the Fastest Payouts

“Playing with my money is like playing with my emotions.” That’s why we don’t play. Gophers see exactly what is needed, when it’s needed, where it’s needed and exactly how much they’re going to make BEFORE accepting a request. And paid immediately once the task is completed. No tip baiting to see here. Payouts are safe and secure via our payment partner Stripe as well.

Download the Gopher App

Getting started with Gopher is as simple as downloading the Gopher Request app and creating an account. Download the Gopher App from Apple App Store or Google Play Store today!

If you are looking to make some extra cash, looking for gig work or to expand your business simply download the Gopher GO app to start connecting with local jobs in your area.

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