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Refer a Friend – Get a Free Request

We always use the phrase “Need it Now? Gopher It!” Why? Because you can literally get anything you need, when you want it, for the price you want it.

The best part of using our community marketplace app is that your Gopher gets 100% of your offer – meaning you control what’s going into their pocket. Our Gophers are ready to take care of whatever you need.

Not sure what to set your price to? No problem. With our live counter offer feature, you and your Gopher can arrange a price that works the best for both of you.

Gopher is the app that brings the best out of every community. Because you were referred by a friend or family member, we have a special offer for you. Your first Gopher Request will be 100% fee free. Just use promo code Gopherit! at checkout.

Gopher Go

Take requests, get paid!

As a Gopher, you’ll set your specific work radius and will then be able to see all the available requests within that area. With no obligation ever, you can select the requests that work for you and simply ignore those that don’t. The best part, once you complete a request, the earnings are deposited into your account instantly.

Download Gopher

Gopher is currently an app only available on mobile.

Please click the buttons below using your mobile phone to download the Gopher app – where you can, literally, get anything done.