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Laundry delivery service provided by Gopher in Greater Raleigh NC

How to use Gopher Delivery with WaveMax

  1. Download the Gopher Request App.
  2. Set up your new Gopher account, profile and payment info.
  3. Schedule a Gopher Request (select Delivery – General Errand) to pick-up your laundry from WaveMax and deliver to your home. This convenient service allows you to determine the price you pay for your delivery driver.
  4. Take a “load” off and watch your new favorite delivery app do its thing.
Check out our YouTube Video: “How to Schedule a Laundry Delivery Request”

Laundry Service Pick Up & Delivery

Say goodbye to laundry hassles and hello to laundry pickup and delivery with Gopher!

Making your wash-dry-fold experience even easier

Existing WaveMax Customer Discounted Pick-Up and Drop Off

  1. Schedule a Gopher Request for the WaveMax service you need.
  2. Make sure your clothes are placed in sealed bags for transport.
  3. Your Gopher will confirm the drop off and communicate the amounted owed to WaveMax.

Check out our YouTube Video: “How to Schedule a Laundry Delivery Request”

Our goal

Our goal is to provide you with a trustworthy local delivery option, using members of the community to keep your business thriving.

What is the problem?

  • 3rd party delivery services are typically very expensive.
  • 3rd party services eat into the small business profit margins.
  • 3rd party services force users to pay more in fees leaving less to offer the actual worker.

Our solution!

Our users are empowered. They set the price for the service requested. Businesses are the sole beneficiary of every transaction, placed directly through the business. Our Gophers are paid with full transparency and immediately after every completed delivery. You can even request the same worker each time if you chose.

Laundry delivery service

Don't take our word for it

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Love This App
I recently used Gopher to pick up a very important package. My request was accepted immediately, I mean in 10 seconds. Once a Gopher grabs your order, you’re then connected to them and can call or text. My Gopher text me and told me they were on the way to UPS. They then text again when they had the package and finally when they where pulling up. I was blown away. Best $8 I’ve ever spent. I will use them again, FOR SURE!!!
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Chinese delivered in Holly Springs!!!
Too easy to get what I want when I need it!! I had Chinese ordered, delivered and at my door within 20 minutes. Have also gotten groceries delivered and wine!!!
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Quick and easy! Saved me Time!
I needed to pick up a package from a print shop located about 35 minutes away from my house. I was trying to save money by picking it up myself instead of paying for FedEx overnight ground shipping or the printer’s courier service, both of which would cost me around $15. However, neither of those could get my item to me any sooner than 48 hours. Instead, I offered $12 on Gopher and I had my item on my doorstep within 75 minutes!
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Love it!
Needed charcoal for the grill that day but I was busy with other chores and wasn’t going to have time to run and get it. Put out my gopher request in the morning and had my charcoal delivered hassle free a couple hours later! This app is so flexible and easy to use.
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Extremely helpful
If you need a delivery, this is your app! They will do anything you need. Dry cleaning pick up, grocery shop, liquor store run, etc. Need someone to lay sod? Boom, one stop shop!
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Awesome App
Recently used the app to have lunch delivered. This is the third or fourth time. Each time the same. Timely service, delivery person stayed in contact letting me know where they were each step of the way. Highly recommend!!!
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LOVE this app
Literally anything you can think of… Gopher is the way to go. You’re avoiding all of the delivery app fees & giving your money straight to the person running the errand for you. Life saver.

Becoming a Gopher

Become a Gopher driver

Want to help others out and become a Gopher? It’s easy!

Get anything delivered, today.

What do you need? Junk removal, furniture assembly, food delivery, prescription pick-up, ride sharing, and house cleaning. Whatever you need, a Gopher can do it!

Download Gopher

Gopher is currently an app only available on mobile.

Please click the buttons below using your mobile phone to download the Gopher app – where you can, literally, get anything done.