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Remove leaves from yard
Have a .25 acre yard full of leaves I’d like removed. Can dump them all in the street.
Christmas lights installation
I’m looking for someone to install Christmas lights on my 2 story house. I have all of the lights and hooks.
Facebook Marketplace purchase & delivery
Need someone with a truck to pick up table and chairs set. The person only takes cash so adding the amount in the offer.
TV mounting
Looking for a handyman to hang up a 65” TV. I have a new mount to use. Installing into drywall.
Wedding cleanup
Looking for 2 people for 2 hours to help clean up after a wedding reception. Breaking down tables, folding chairs, removing trash, etc.
Flower delivery
Anniversary emergency! Need a bouquet of flowers delivered. When you get to the flower shop, text me a few pics of what’s available between $60-$80.
Leaky sink!
Help! Faucet won’t stop dripping! Looking for someone who has experience with this to come fix it! Will pay all material costs.
Handyman needed
Need help installing 3 ceiling fans. 10 foot ceilings.
Ice please
We are currently having a backyard BBQ and don’t have enough ice for the cooler. Need 2 bags dropped off at our house.
Kitchen deep clean
I’m a realtor and in a pinch to clean a kitchen before showing the house. Need a deep cleaning of Oven, Stove and Refrigerator, along with cleaning out…
Propane replacement
Ran out of propane and can’t leave to replace it. Need someone to come exchange my old can. Several locations 
within a mile. Please hurry!
Wanted: Dog walker
I need someone to go take my dog for a walk today while I am at work. He is super cute and friendly!”

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"I was freaking out about needing yard work done after being stood up several times by previous companies. I put in my request and someone accepted within an hour and then showed up an hour later. You pay for service through the Gopher app and you don’t have to worry about getting cash or getting the service providers CashApp or Venmo etc. I plan to use this app for upcoming projects around the house. Excellent customer service from the Gopher team as well!"
"I needed to pick up a package from a print shop located about 35 minutes away from my house. I was trying to save money by picking it up myself instead of paying for FedEx overnight ground shipping or the printer’s courier service, both of which would cost me around $15. However, neither of those could get my item to me any sooner than 48 hours. Instead, I offered $12 on Gopher and I had my item on my doorstep within 75 minutes!"
— Stepper2E
"Too easy to get what I want when I need it!! I had Chinese ordered, delivered and at my door within 20 minutes. Have also gotten groceries delivered and wine!!! "
— yensid4him
"I recently used Gopher to pick up a very important package. My request was accepted immediately, I mean in 10 seconds. Once a Gopher grabs your order, you’re then connected to them and can call or text. My Gopher text me and told me they were on the way to UPS. They then text again when they had the package and finally when they where pulling up. I was blown away. Best $8 I’ve ever spent. I will use them again, FOR SURE!!!"
— MPH8r
"My Gopher absolutely saved my daughter’s birthday party."
— Steve K.
Raleigh, NC

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Gopher Requests are available 24/7/365. If there is a Gopher requested and a Gopher available, we go to work!

Anytime there is a “Cost of Goods” amount listed in a request, that means the Requestor is paying you that amount, to pay on their behalf. For example, if you want a meal delivered from a Food Truck, and that Food Truck has no way for the Requestor to pay for the food in advance, they will enter the amount in the Cost of Goods section for you to pay on their behalf. Therefore you will have to pay for the items yourself initially (the money will already be in escrow and GUARANTEED to you immediately upon completion.) We understand this is different than most fulfilment apps, however this keeps costs for everyone involved way down. The Merchants, Requesters and Gophers all benefit this way. If you aren’t interested in these transactions or do not have the funds to cover the Cost of Goods, please DO NOT accept the request.

When a Gopher signs up, they receive their 1st 10 payouts at Stripe’s “Standard” US payout speed (2 business days). After 10 successfully completed requests, their payout status is upgraded to “Instant” and from there, payouts are immediately deposited after a completed request. Payouts are triggered when a Gopher updates the request status to “Complete” in the app. This triggers an SMS and App notification to the Requestor. They then select “Confirmed” or “Did Not Complete”. When “Confirmed” is selected, the money will be transferred to the Gophers bank account. In the rare event the Requestor is unable (or forgets) to select confirmed on their end, payout automatically occurs after 48 hours.

We’ve added a new feature for when a Requestor doesn’t know exactly what a fair offer would be for a service. A Gopher will see exactly what is needed and where the price offer is normally listed, it will say, “Make Me An Offer“. If interested, they can accept the request and enter their cost for materials (if applicable) and how much they want to charge for the service. The bid will then be sent to the Requestor, where they can accept or decline the offer.

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