Gopher Brand Athletes

Gopher has had the privilege to work with several local college athletes through various NIL partnerships. We entered this space with an open mind, hoping we could provide them as much value as they did us. In the end, we’re IN. These Brand Athletes were able to inspire other athletes, students and faculty to see the benefits of the Gopher Marketplace, as well as participate in it. In turn, we were able to introduce several of them to multiple other NIL partnerships. We’d like to thank all our Brand Athletes, past and present, and wish them well in their future endeavors.

Bryson Speas

Tim McKay

Devin Leary

Payton Wilson

Drake Thomas

Tanner Ingle

Isaiah Moore

Thayer Thomas

Cyrus Fagan

Porter Rooks

CJ Clark

Cory Durden

Devan Boykin

Derrek Pitts, Jr.

Devin Carter

Grant Gibson

Jakeen Harris

Savion Jackson

Tyler Baker-Williams

Davin Vann

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