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July 7, 2023
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Are you a gig worker who is tired of high fees for cold leads, subpar service, and earning low tips and wages? It’s time to make the switch to Gopher! When you join Gopher, you can bid farewell to paying for unfruitful leads and generate a large return clientele through a reliable and transparent marketplace.

What is Gopher?

Gopher is a revolutionary community marketplace app where users can make any request in the app from grocery or food delivery to handyman services, lawn care, dog walking and everything in-between. Once a request is made, our community of Gophers are able to accept the request and are able to see exactly how much they will receive from the job with our transparent pricing model. Users can see past work history and trusted reviews from other users, ensuring their Gopher is the right fit. 

Benefits of Becoming a Gopher

Gopher is a one-stop-shop marketplace app that has several benefits for both users (Requesters) and workers (Gophers). Take a look at why Gopher GO is quickly becoming the GO-To App for those looking to maximize their side hustle:

  • Transparent Pricing: When a Gopher looks for available work in the Gopher Go App, they are able to see exactly how much each gig will pay BEFORE accepting the request. There are never payout fees or commissions so they ALWAYS make exactly what they see.
  • Bid For Jobs: If a Requestor is unsure of how much to pay for a gig, they can simply request a bid, putting Gophers in control of how much they make!
  • Flexibility: There are no minimum time or volume requirements with Gopher. Gophers work when they want without ever being penalized for lack of volume.
  • Job Selection: The Gopher Marketplace has a wide range of request types. Gophers can filter as many or few job types as they want to see. If a Gopher has multiple skillsets, we’ve got multiple jobs for them.
  • Immediate Payouts: Once established as a Gopher, they receive instant payouts once a job is completed. We’re talking money accessible in your bank account with-in 1-2 minutes.
  • Build Your Business: Gopher is the only app available today where delivery drivers, errand-runners and ride-sharers alike can earn repeat business with the same customers. With our Select My Gopher™ and Favorite Gopher™ features, hard work and dependability helps you earn more!

How to Become a Gopher

Becoming a Gopher is as easy! Simply download the Gopher Go App, complete your profile and set up your Payout Account. You’ll be on the way to making money with-in the hour. 

If you’re tired of managing several service apps, receiving low tips, or struggling to find gig work, download the Gopher Go app from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store and start building a successful side hustle today! 

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