Why Use Gopher for Your Restaurant / Food Truck Delivery

August 9, 2023
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For full transparency, Gopher isn’t trying to be the next DoorDash, GrubHub or Uber Eats. They’ve got their system down to tackle orders for restaurants looking to fulfill a ton of online orders. We’re here to provide delivery services for everyone esle, without any cost to the restaurant and an agreed upon cost for the delivery between the user (Requestor) and the worker (Gopher).

Several mom and pops restaurant and most food trucks don’t have delivery service due to the cost associated with these 3rd party delivery services. We get that and have made it easy to order from these local favorites. We also NEVER put our Gopher’s in a position to expect one thing and receive another. In other words, “tip baiting” doesn’t exist on the Gopher Marketplace. The delivery earnings are transparent and known up front AND paid immediately upon completion.

How Gopher Can Benefit You and the Restaurant

At Gopher, we have made it our goal to create a food delivery experience that doesn’t charge restaurants ANYTHING! We can benefit restaurants, customers and delivery-drivers with these great features:

  • No Restaurant Fees or Mark-Ups: Unlike other food delivery apps that charge high commission fees for every order, Gopher charges no fees to restaurants. Ordering straight from the restaurant allows you to pay exactly what you would as if you walked into the restaurant, saving everyone money.
  • Faster Service: With Gopher, there’s only one driver per request, so orders are completed faster and more efficiently. You’ll love the quick and reliable service, and you can rest easy knowing your orders are in good hands. Knowing Gophers by name is very common on the Gopher app.
  • Empowered Pricing Model: Our users can make the delivery offer on the app themselves. We encourage our users to make the offer based on a livable earning model for the time and resources spent to get you what you need. They are employed by you for the task you need. You’re the boss! When fair offers are made, there is no need to tip.
  • Transparent Earnings: When a request is broadcast on the Gopher Marketplace, earnings and expectations are crystal clear right from the start. Gophers never need to worry about when or how much they’ll get paid.
  • Unlimited Options: If the Restaurant you want is open, we are too. Enjoy unlimited options with the versatility of our model.
  • No App or Online Order Portal – No Problem: Other delivery apps require an app or online portal to place an order. With Gopher, the customer can call and place an order, or the customer can add funds to the request for the Gopher to pay and order at the restaurant or food truck. We understand hunger and we’re problem solvers!

Take Advantage of These Benefits Today!

Gopher is the perfect solution for restaurants looking to save money and improve food delivery services. With affordable and reliable restaurant delivery services, transparent pricing, and no fees or contract fees, Gopher can help you take your business to the next level. Download Gopher Request as a business to start utilizing our benefits and Gopher.

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