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Gopher support


Gopher Requests are available 24/7/365. If there is a Gopher requested and a Gopher available, we go to work!

Most people have been conditioned to Google the type of service they need for the home (or ask for recommendations on their favorite social platform). Either way it’s you that ends up having to search for all the help. On the Gopher Marketplace, you list the service you need done, for the price you’re willing to pay (or you can ask for a bid) and the help comes to you. You can then see each workers ratings, reviews, work history and recommendations to make your selection.
Home Service providers on the Gopher Go app will find it refreshing that they don’t have to pay for leads to see jobs, they’ll know exactly how much they’re being paid for a job before starting and are paid immediately once the job is complete.

If you inadvertently signed up for the opposite Gopher app, don’t sweat it. Your Gopher profile applies to both apps. Just download the correct app and sign in with your phone number, apply the OTP and you’re all set!

At the bottom of the apps home page, you’ll see a Refer App icon. When you open the link, you’ll see your referral code. When you refer friends via the Message and/or Email feature, you will see a “check referral status,” showing all pending SMS and Emails sent, as well as those who signed up from your referral link.

Gopher Request FAQs

Gopher Fees range from $0.99 to $4.99 depending on type of service requested, plus an Instant Transfer Fee of 8% of the total request offered. This fee covers the operating cost to ensure the Gopher is paid immediately upon completing your request.

For example, if you made a request for a Delivery, wanting to pay a Gopher a total of $30, it would cost $33.47. (Cost of Goods = $20, Gopher Offer = $10, Gopher Fee = $0.99 and Instant Transfer Fee = $2.4 8) The Gopher would receive all $30 of your offer, costing you only $3.47 to use the app.

Yes, you must have a valid ID when your Gopher arrives. Users under 21 years old cannot request age-restricted products. Gophers under 21 years old cannot view requests the include age-restricted products.

No, you can make any offer amount for any request you choose. However, if you’re new to Gopher, please look at your offer as a wage and not a “tip.” The Gopher platform is a marketplace and therefore the Gophers you hire work for you and not Gopher, Inc. For example, if you’re wanting a unique delivery service, where your Gopher will spend somewhere between 1/2 hour to an hour, think about what it would take for you to do that job. When the offer is fair, you’ll get whatever you need FAST! If the offer isn’t realistic to a working wage, you won’t.  

If noone accepts your request, it will expire and there will not be a charge.

It is always a good practice to reach out to your Gopher via message or phone (available in the app) to confirm all of the details you’re requesting are understood. Your Gopher is actually encouraged to start correspondence with you immediately after accepting a request.

In your App at the bottom of the screen, select “Account” and then “Request History.” You will be able to see previously completed, expired and/or cancelled requests. From there, you can request that order again (making any changes you want as well) using the links “First Available” or “Select My Gopher.”

You can add to your Favorite Gophers list the following ways: 

1) In your Account -> Request History, a checkbox to add the Gopher who completed your request is available.

2) At the end of a completed request, during the ratings portion, you can also add that Gopher as a Favorite. 

After you have at least 1 Favorite Gopher added, when submitting a request, added to the “First Available” and “Select My Gopher” options will be “Notify one of my Favorite Gophers.” Selecting this will ensure that your Favorite Gopher is notified before anyone else. If that Gopher isn’t available, it will default to “Select My Gopher” for you to choose. 

Yes, for requests involving a delivery, once your Gopher selects “in-progress,” your request screen will show a map of the Gophers location relative to the drop off address.

Please rate your Gopher on accuracy, their communication (keeping you informed as to the status of your request), quality of work and timeliness of completing your request.

Knowing the product cost, availability and store hours is essential, because once the Gopher accepts the request, they are doing it in good faith that everything requested is available. Please make sure you have all the correct information for this before making a Gopher Request. If you are off just a little in the “Cost of Goods,” your Gopher will be able to send you a cost adjustment for the exact amount.

Enter the final destination address when entering the address of a “multiple-stop” request, then enter the other address(s) in the description section. (*) We recommend entering the address of a store vs just the name in the event there is more than 1 location.

Your request should be as descriptive as possible… the more info the better. Keep in mind, no-one knows what you want done better than you, so take your time in describing EXACTLY what it is you want so there is no confusion. Example of what not to do: “Need mulch spread in my backyard.” Example of what to do: “I need 12 yards of mulch laid in my backyard. Mush have own equipment (while also supplying any relevant picture available ) *Also, we strongly recommend NOT putting your phone number in the request. Once a Gopher accepts your request, you’ll be able to chat through the app via phone or text.

When you submit your request and it is accepted, Gopher, Inc. transfers the money from the method of payment you’ve selected, to a holding account to ensure the entire request amount is available once the request is completed. In the event the request is not completed, the money authorized will be released back to the card on file. Please see our Terms and Conditions as to any related scenarios regarding payments, refunds or disputes. This is a VERY important part of our business, so ensuring we’re efficient, safe and secure with all transactions will always be at the forefront of our business model. We understand this is as equally important to our users and that is exactly why we chose Stripe as our trusted payment transaction partner.

If your request is accepted and the Gopher has updated the request to “in-progress,” you may be charged up to $5 for cancelling. In addition to the $5 cancellation fee, if your Gopher has updated the request to “items purchased” (representing they have already incurred a cost), you may be responsible for the items purchased amount as well. Please see our Terms and Conditions for complete details.

If your Gopher brings you the wrong item(s), and your description (including pic) are clear as to what was requested, you can dispute your request in the app. Suggested options for the Gopher would be to return to the store where purchased and exchange for the correct item(s) or cancel the order (which results in no charge to you). In this scenario, resolution is between the Requestor and the Gopher. The features in the app can perform to whatever your resolution is. If you ever need help in a situation like this, please don’t hesitate to contact at

Users now have the option to set the price for a service (“I’ll make the offer“) or if unsure what a fair price would be for what you’re asking, you can broadcast your request for Gophers to bid on (“Allow a Gopher to make the offer“). If you select for a Gopher to make the offer, you can accept or decline the offers as the come in.

Gopher Go FAQs

Anytime there is a “Cost of Goods” amount listed in a request, that means the Requestor is paying you that amount, to pay on their behalf. For example, if you want a meal delivered from a Food Truck, and that Food Truck has no way for the Requestor to pay for the food in advance, they will enter the amount in the Cost of Goods section for you to pay on their behalf. Therefore you will have to pay for the items yourself initially (the money will already be in escrow and GUARANTEED to you immediately upon completion.) If you aren’t interested in these transactions or do not have the funds to cover the Cost of Goods, please DO NOT accept the request.

As a Gopher, the following practices (and in no particular order) are highly recommended:
1) Arrive on time
2) Keep your Requester informed as to the status of your progress (via text of phone thru the app)
4) Be accurate
5) Be courteous

When you set up your profile, you need to use your legal name. Your profile info is also linked to your banking information, a valid ID pic (don’t forget to also select the ID type) and your SSN. Our payment provider ( will not “verify” an account if the information isn’t accurate. This is to ensure the Gopher is exactly who they say they are and to avoid fraud. If you’re certain all of the info is correct, and you’re still unable to set up your account, it may be that the debit card submitted isn’t supported by Stripe. You can view a list of supported cards here. If you find your status is showing “pending’ for more than a minute, if you sign out and sign back in, it will trigger a refresh with Stripe and you’ll be good to go. 

It goes without saying, please try and keep your account updated. However, people forget, and YES, you’ll definitely receive your full payout. When this happens, our payment merchant (Stripe) must verify the info, therefore communicating with the bank in question. This process moves the payout speed from “Instant Transfer” to “Standard” which takes 2+ full business days to clear. We are working on a permanent solution which will notify Gophers at sign-in that their card is no longer valid.

During a request, if there is a cost adjustment needed, the Gopher can submit one through the app. An example of how this could be used is let’s say there is a request for 5 items for $25. And the store only has 3 on hand. The Gopher could send a cost adjustment to reflect a reduced amount and still complete the task. This feature should only be used when the Gopher and Requestor agree on a fair price before hand.

Unfortunately, there is no way around this. However, Stripe offers several options to use for verification (Passport, Passport Card, Driver’s License, State Issued ID Card, Resident Permit ID / US Green Card, Border Crossing Card, Child ID Card, NYC Card, US Visa Card and Birth Certificate).

If a Gopher accepts a request, they are obligated to complete it. If they cancel the request before completing it, there is up to a $5 fee incurred. Please see our Terms of Use for complete details.

When a Gopher signs up, they receive their 1st 10 payouts at Stripe’s “Standard” US payout speed (2 business days). After 10 successfully completed requests, their payout status is upgraded to “Instant” and from there, payouts are immediately deposited after a completed request. Payouts are triggered when a Gopher updates the request status to “Complete” in the app. This triggers an SMS and App notification to the Requestor. They then select “Confirmed” or “Did Not Complete”. When “Confirmed” is selected, the money will be transferred to the Gophers bank account. In the rare event the Requestor is unable (or forgets) to select confirmed on their end, payout automatically occurs after 48 hours.


Yes, the Live Counter Offer feature is just like accepting a request. If you submit a counter offer, you are accepting the request, for the amount YOU think is fair and are willing to work for. If the Requestor accepts your counter offer, you’re obligated to complete it.

Gophers can communicate to Requestors through the in-app messaging link. When you open a request from the queue, you will see a “Message Requestor.” This link is to be used exclusively for getting more information about a request and not exchanging numbers to circumvent the app.

When a request calls for 2 or more Gophers, the Gopher who accepts the request will receive the entire offer for the job once completed. It is the responsibility of the Gopher who accepts the request to ensure they have the additional help. The amount is not multiplied by the number of Gophers requested. If the amount of the offer is not enough to cover the crew needed in the opinion of the Gopher, it is recommended to not accept the request. It is very important to not accept a 2+ job if you cannot find the additional help. Accepting and then cancelling because the specified request criteria cannot be met may cause removal from the platform. 

We’ve added a new feature for when a Requestor doesn’t know exactly what a fair offer would be for a service. A Gopher will see exactly what is needed and where the price offer is normally listed, it will say, “Make Me An Offer“. If interested, they can accept the request and enter their cost for materials (if applicable) and how much they want to charge for the service. The bid will then be sent to the Requestor, where they can accept or decline the offer.
If you’re needing additional support or have additional questions, we’re here to help. Reach out to us today.

How Gopher works:


Select the type of service you need

Whether it’s a delivery or a homepage project, you can choose from First Available or Select your Gopher!


Select the type of service you need

Whether it’s a delivery or a homepage project, you can choose from First Available or Select your Gopher!


Tell us what you need

Easy to use pathways allow you to enter the specific details of the help you need!


Tell us what you need

Easy to use pathways allow you to enter the specific details of the help you need!


Find the most fair price available

You can set the price or ask for a bid. Either way, the final price is yours to choose. 


Find the most fair price available

You can set the price or ask for a bid. Either way, the final price is yours to choose. 

Gopher icon

A job well done

Your Gopher will now perform the work according to plan!


A job well done

Your Gopher will now perform the work according to plan!

Don't take our word for it

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Love This App
I recently used Gopher to pick up a very important package. My request was accepted immediately, I mean in 10 seconds. Once a Gopher grabs your order, you’re then connected to them and can call or text. My Gopher text me and told me they were on the way to UPS. They then text again when they had the package and finally when they where pulling up. I was blown away. Best $8 I’ve ever spent. I will use them again, FOR SURE!!!
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Chinese delivered in Holly Springs!!!
Too easy to get what I want when I need it!! I had Chinese ordered, delivered and at my door within 20 minutes. Have also gotten groceries delivered and wine!!!
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Quick and easy! Saved me Time!
I needed to pick up a package from a print shop located about 35 minutes away from my house. I was trying to save money by picking it up myself instead of paying for FedEx overnight ground shipping or the printer’s courier service, both of which would cost me around $15. However, neither of those could get my item to me any sooner than 48 hours. Instead, I offered $12 on Gopher and I had my item on my doorstep within 75 minutes!
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Why didn’t I think of this?
I was freaking out about needing yard work done after being stood up several times by previous companies. I put in my request and someone accepted within an hour and then showed up an hour later. You pay for service through the Gopher app and you don’t have to worry about getting cash or getting the service providers CashApp or Venmo etc. I plan to use this app for upcoming projects around the house. Excellent customer service from the Gopher team as well!
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Phenomenal service for anything, anytime, anywhere!!
Can’t say enough about the quality of the Gophers as well as the backend support from the owners. They go out of there way to ensure every transaction is a great experience. My son is in college and Gophers full time to augment his expenses. He’s helped customers move, mowed lawns, provided rides and delivered a slew of requests to include grocery’s and food orders. I highly recommend the service as your primary resource for any and all things.
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Best Customer Service!!
I recently used gopher for food delivery service and my gopher was beyond professional! The app accepted my request within seconds and my gopher connected with me via text and kept me updated the whole time! I’ve had experience with other delivery services that were slow, and definitely questionable! I would recommend anyone that needs a delivery, errand or what have you, to use the gopher app.
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Gopher is a true blessing!! I was stuck at home with my hungry kids and no food. Gopher brought hot, fresh, high quality food right to my doorstep. My kids (and I) got fed, without me having to pickup the phone and make a call, or having to leave the house. I will absolutely be using Gopher for my pickup needs, and for other things that I am unable to do!! Thanks Gopher!!!
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Genius App
Where has this app been all my life? Gopher got me my caffeine fix in less time than it would have taken me to get ready and out the door to do it myself. The app is so easy to use and the fees are beyond reasonable. I can’t wait to use it again. What a genius app!
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Coolest App on the Planet
I love using this app for delivery from my favorite food trucks!! Gopher Rocks!
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Order my food through Uber eats and buddy ordered through gopher. He order 15 minutes after I did and food arrived at the same time with effectively the same cost.
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Awesome App
Recently used the app to have lunch delivered. This is the third or fourth time. Each time the same. Timely service, delivery person stayed in contact letting me know where they were each step of the way. Highly recommend!!!
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Seamless and saved me hours / headache!!
Love gopher! Seamless experience. Highly recommend!! I had a Craig’s list furniture pickup and rather than ask my husband to borrow his car, find a babysitter for my daughter, be a bit nervous (as a woman) to meet random people at their house —I had a strong gopher with a truck jet up to get it for me! Looove the experience!
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Love it!
Needed charcoal for the grill that day but I was busy with other chores and wasn’t going to have time to run and get it. Put out my gopher request in the morning and had my charcoal delivered hassle free a couple hours later! This app is so flexible and easy to use.
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Extremely helpful
If you need a delivery, this is your app! They will do anything you need. Dry cleaning pick up, grocery shop, liquor store run, etc. Need someone to lay sod? Boom, one stop shop!
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Covid date night
I requested wine to be delivered to my house as I was closing out my tab at the restaurant. We got home and twenty minutes later we had plenty of wine to close out date night! Thanks Gopher!
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LOVE this app
Literally anything you can think of… Gopher is the way to go. You’re avoiding all of the delivery app fees & giving your money straight to the person running the errand for you. Life saver.
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This app is great!
I found this app during covid-19 but plan to continue using it. It was easy, fast and with great communication I got my delivery. What a great idea - putting people in the community in touch with each other to help and support all in a safe way. You name your $ and you get help when you need it. Well done!

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What do you need? Junk removal, furniture assembly, food delivery, prescription pick-up, ride sharing, and house cleaning. Whatever you need, a Gopher can do it!

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