Simplifying the Grocery Delivery Game

June 9, 2023
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In our fast-paced world, time is your most valuable resource. At Gopher, we know you are busy, and no one wants to spend time wandering grocery store aisles, waiting in long checkout lines, or lugging heavy grocery bags. We have created a very simple pathway to help you get your groceries straight to your door, without outrageous fees or subscription commitments. We let the pros (the Grocers) do their thing and we take care of the delivery. When compared to typical third-party delivery services, you’ll pay less overall for your groceries and the delivery driver will make more. We’re bringing back the old school Win/Win! Try us once and we’re certain you’ll try us again!

Not Your Typical Grocery Delivery App

We have set out to revolutionize the Grocery Delivery industry. Ok, so revolutionize might be a stretch… but what we’re really doing is improving the online grocery buying and delivery experience for everyone involved; Customer, Grocery Store, and Delivery Driver. Say goodbye to unexplained fees, limited shopping locations, item mark-ups, and uncertain variable pay for the worker. 

What we’ve discovered is you don’t actually have to pay more for convenience, at least not totally. Most Grocery Stores are set up for online orders, and in most cases, with a low minimum purchase, it’s free. There aren’t any markups on items either. (Depending on your grocery list size, these mark-ups can add up to $20-$30+) The Grocery Store employees will shop for your groceries and keep them fresh until your scheduled pick-up time. Their site will also keep track of your past orders and make it insanely easy to order again. Not to mention help you earn points, rewards, and perks by buying direct. 

When ordering the delivery of your groceries from Gopher, it’s just as easy. Simply enter the location of the Grocery Store, when you want your groceries picked up, and how much you want to pay your Gopher. Every request you make is saved, so reordering from your Request History is quick and easy. Please keep in mind, Gophers make exactly what you offer. Look at it like a wage, not a tip. Paying your Gopher well will still save you money compared to every other delivery platform out there! 

Here’s how you benefit. 

  1. You Choose the Store: When using Gopher Delivery, you have the freedom to choose which store you’d like your groceries delivered from. Whether it’s a small market down the street or your favorite supermarket chain, the store you want is the store we’ll deliver from. 
  2. Maximizing Value: When shopping online at your favorite local Grocer, the vast majority offer FREE express pick-up for their valued customers (as well as loyalty rewards and perks). The personal shoppers are store employees and the most knowledgeable at their job to ensure your list is perfect. 
  3. Schedule Your Pick-Up: Once you’ve ordered your grocery items and have the pick-up time established, simply schedule your Gopher request to be picked up and delivered at that time.
  4. Budget-Conscious: Unlike most delivery apps, Gopher does not charge you a markup on your items. You pay the Grocer the same price you would pay in the store.
  5. User Friendly: Starting a grocery delivery is super easy! Simply select Delivery-Grocery in the app, tell us when and where to pick up your groceries, and enter the delivery price you’re willing to pay.
  6. Clear Communication: Once your Gopher accepts your request, they’ll confirm their ETA and let you know when the groceries have been dropped off! 

Try Gopher Today!

Gopher is unlike any delivery service currently available. Before, if you wanted a cabinet put together, take out delivered, your lawn mowed, or your groceries delivered, you would have to use multiple apps. Now you can use just one: Gopher!  We have created a one-stop platform for our users to find someone local to fulfill any request they may have. For more information about the Gopher app, visit our FAQ page.

Don’t feel like heading to the store? Download the Gopher app from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store and get started on your first grocery delivery!

Or maybe you want to earn some extra cash with a flexible side gig as a Gopher? Download the Gopher Go app and start picking up gigs today!

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